Hej Christian.

Jeg har smidt en anmodning om at blive administrator under "Anmodning om administratorstatus".

Mark Jensen 28. apr 2005 kl. 21:12 (UTC)


Hello Christian, are now a bureaucrat.

You can make sysops using the Special:makesysop page. There are instructions on using this at m:Bureaucrat. If you have any problems, let me know on my talk page at en, or leave a note on m:Requests for permissions. Good luck. Angela 3. okt 2004 kl. 16:57 (UTC)

Hi Christian. The easiest way to change the namespaces is just to ask at m:Non-development tasks for developers. I'm not sure where the language files for Wikibooks are kept. Make sure you don't put any pages in the Wikibooks namespace until it has been created, or they will disappear when a developer changes the namespace. Angela 4. okt 2004 kl. 15:00 (UTC)


Du er ikke logget ind. Din IP-adresse vil blive lagret i denne sides redigeringshistorik. nej brug. Bedre Du er ikke logget på. Din IP-adresse vil blive lagret i denne sides redigeringshistorik. 5. dec 2009, 19:09 (CET)

Your inactive bureaucrat and sysop flagsRediger

Hello. Are you still interested in being a bureaucrat and a sysop on Danish Wikibooks and Wikisource? You have been inactive for long time.--Jusjih 5. dec 2010, 00:52 (CET)

Din konto vil blive omdøbtRediger

17. mar 2015, 23:37 (CET)


17. apr 2015, 06:38 (CEST)