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'''Beijing Design Week 2018'''
EXHIBITION: Join the Copenhagen guest city exhibition at Beijing design week 2018 - LIVING is GIVING, 26 September to 5 October 2018.
Kronprins Frederik besøger 26-28. sept. 2018 Beining, hvor han vil åbne den danske udstilling med focus på dansk livsstil.
The concept and visual identity for the guest city exhibition is finally here!
Inside a unique and industrial gas tank in Beijing’s vibrant art district you will find what resembles Copenhagen downtown: a walking street, a city square, a playground, a small castle and naturally small shops displaying all the innovative and high-quality products and solutions Denmark has to offer.
The exhibition is an exceptional opportunity for Danish companies to reach their target audience in China within sectors such as:
• Lifestyle
• Transport and urban spaces
• Healthcare
• Food
• Housing and construction
• Play and learning
• Tourism
Download the invitation and find details about the concept, the visual identity, and exhibition packages incl. price.
Holger Dahl: '''Pandaeffekten : en rejse ind i Kinas hjerte.''' People’sPress 2018. Bog og E-bog. s.264 s.